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east to west

19 Apr

It is ridiculously, heart-breakingly, hard to believe that one year ago I was firmly planted in London.

Although most people choose to explore the city via the classic museum, red-bus tour, fanny-pack wearing variety– I wanted to take a different approach and fuel my tourism by eating my way through London and other European destinations. Luckily, instead of getting immensely fat, I ended up learning what the world of European cuisine has to offer besides bangers and mash.

I have to say that these expeditions in culinary delight spoiled me.

Weekly trips to Borough Market for fresh mozerella, bread and asparagus became the norm and dining on inventive, international cuisine in London, Paris, Berlin, Rome, Athens, Poros, Sevilla and Barcelona only increased my desire for the European lifestyle at home in LA.

Thus- LA vie europa is born.