larchmont farmers market

3 Jul

My new favorite pass time on a lazy Sunday morning is to wander the few blocks from my apartment to the lovely Larchmont farmers market.

Knowing I still have veggies left over from a recent grocery run, I instead focused on the berries and cheese the vendors had to offer. I picked up some fresh and ridiculously juicy strawberries to go with my Greek yogurt and couldn’t resist snapping a picture of the quintessential summer peaches sunning themselves next door.



4 Responses to “larchmont farmers market”


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    […] simple pizza sauce (shamefully store bought as well), sliced mozzarella, farmer’s market tomatoes and red onion as well as some fresh basil completed my creation. Boyfriend went classic […]

  2. strawberry fields forever « LA vie europa - July 7, 2011

    […] to work” plan was not in the cards, I remembered the final carton of fresh farmers market strawberries shivering pathetically and in need of lovin’ in the […]

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    […] a wonderful experience at Larchmont Wine and Cheese on Saturday and my free for all at the farmer’s market on Sunday, I decided to put my new, fresh, ingredients to good use and try my hand at recreating […]

  4. hollywood farmers market « LA vie europa - August 7, 2011

    […] I entered the Hollywood farmers market this morning. Much larger and more diverse than my dear Larchmont farmers market, I loved exploring the array of stalls and vendors selling their fresh/organic/perfectly plucked […]

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