small pleasures: the bev hills stroll

8 Jul

utterly classic

While living abroad, I walked every. where. and I think that is perhaps what I miss the most about europa. Los Angeles is so damn trafficky it’s almost utterly unbearable to someone so in love with the european walking/public transport way of life.

Not only did walking around europa keep me from outfitting myself with the well known and feared “abroad bod”, it also exposed me to so many sights, smells, and tastes that I never would have experienced if I’d been chained to my Corolla as I am in LA.

So in that spirit, today I decided to join some of my fabulous office pals on their daily “walk-in-lieu-of-eating” around the neighborhood that we are oh-so blessed to work in.

Despite being cliche at times, Beverly Hills is surprising beautiful and unique if you know where to look. I even discovered that the above building on Rodeo Drive was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1953.

La vie europa really can be just steps away….

What are some of your favorite walking areas in LA?


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