pasadena: aka american bistro / old pasadena film festival

10 Jul

When boyfriend and I embarked on our Saturday night excursion to the Old Town Pasadena Film Festival I knew that I wanted to make it a semi-themed affair, inspired by my outdoor evening adventures abroad that always had some thread of shared experience running through them.

The movie showing last night was an American classic- Rebel Without A Cause- so I wanted wherever we ate to get us in the mood.

AKA American bistro was perfectly nestled in the same quaint courtyard where the movie was being shown. We arrived for happy hour and stayed for the fabulous patio seating.

While boyfriend went for the quintessentially American burger, I opted for the unAmerican cheese plate….something about a sandwich in the late evening heat just wasn’t calling my name.


the palate

Several cocktails and portobello fries later, we happily sipped red wine out of soda cups as I basked in the undeniable hotness that was Mr. James Dean.

Thus, the outdoor festival becomes a new American tradition- thanks for letting us borrow it europa.


the man himself


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