explore your local: entertainment

11 Jul

so much better than pottery barn

Carmageddon: For those of you not living in Los Angeles, this weekend the 405 freeway will shut down for 2 whole days. For some, this situation has brought on anaphylactic shock-like reactions when many realized that their normal routes would be impossible, and most side-roads will be slammed. gasp.

Out of the mess though I realized our first opportunity for a fully local and europa inspired weekend in Los Angeles.

Below is the first installment of the bevy of options you have if you find yourself  ‘trapped’ by carmageddon, or would just like to test out the beauty of living locally with the rest of us…

  • Check out some local theater or improv, you may discover the next _______(fill with your favorite funny guy or gal’s name).
  • Wander over to a nearby estate sale. I know it sometimes just smells old and musty, but there are some real treasures hiding behind the creepy figurines and overstuffed couches…probably…but what’s the fun in a sparkly fresh estate sale anyway!
  • Walk to your local movie theater. My bet is that it’s probably not $16 like the Arclight  ‘Megaplex’. I know that Los Feliz 3— a BEAUTIFUL vintage theater is only $9.50 ($6.50 before 6pm!). Make a night of it and go to Figaro Bistrot for dinner followed by an evening showing of Midnight in Paris. se magnifique.

midnight in paris

The shutdown of the 405 is the best possible excuse to step into the europa lifestyle for a weekend. Even if you’re just trying it on, you may like it enough to buy…




Are you going to be ‘stranded’ by carmageddon? What will you do to explore your local? If you’re NOT in LA, will you join us in living a little bit of europa this weekend?


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    […] With carmageddon breathing down our necks, I bring you the second installment of explore your local, this one focusing on the ever daunting and perpetually, sickeningly easily avoidable exercise. […]

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