small pleasures: nectarines in the kitchen

11 Jul

This morning was a ‘wear your glasses to work instead of contacts’ kind of morning.

After a fabulous 9 hours frolicking at The Happiest Place on Earth, my body ached and my eyes hurt and not even my pretentious water bottle was going to make me feel any better. No sir-ee.

That is until I discovered that our heaven-sent kitchen staff lovingly perched these beautiful, sweet, fragrant beauties atop the 4th floor kitchen counter…

little bundles of joy

Something about the smell of nectarines will forever bring to mind my morning petit dejeuner in Paris. A crunchy baguette with an open jar of marmalade  and a mug of chocolat chaud was all I needed to get me through the day.

With the delicate scent of these sacred nectarines wafting to my nose today, I am somehow strengthened in the knowledge that everything will be alright.





Now my mission is to create my own nectarine marmalade a la Paris…any good recipes out there for a teeny post-grad kitchen?


2 Responses to “small pleasures: nectarines in the kitchen”

  1. Michele Largé July 12, 2011 at 10:19 am #

    I really love your small pleasures segments and thought I would share one of my own! Morning napkins. I will indulge my own need for #smallpleasures by buying beautiful printed napkins to use each morning with my coffee. It’s a small ritual that really makes me feel as if there is beauty and order in the world! Love your posts – keep it up!

    • lavieeuropaa July 12, 2011 at 10:35 am #

      That’s such a wonderful ritual! Maybe I’ll purchase some of my own for my desk at work–that’s about the only place I consume my coffee! Mind if I borrow your small pleasure?

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