the market list

12 Jul

I love food. I love shopping for it, purchasing it, finding it, cooking it, consuming it and everything in between.

However, I am broke and young and unable to do my laundry regularly much less keep a stocked fridge….so cooking on a whim is not usually in the cards for me.

I have a few new recipes on my mind for this week and the upcoming weekend that I am dying to try, and as mentioned, I am in desperate need of groceries.

When I was in living in London, my market going habits were phenomenal. I would hoof it to the grocery store or Borough Market at least 3 times per week, picking out fresh bread, crisp veggies and delicious cheese according to my daily whim. Very little had preservatives in it and most if not all was fresh and utterly fantastic.

I miss that.

La vie europa is about living a fresh and beautiful life- I intended to pursue that with vigor and bi/tri weekly groceries in small batches very much fall under that endeavor.

beautiful selections at my local wine and cheese shop

on the (full) list:






whole wheat pasta

fresh peas

morel mushrooms



fresh parmesan

assorted olives (from olive bar)



Can you guess what I’m making these next few days?


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