semi-homemade: mushroom and pea pasta

14 Jul

so many veggies

While tripping around the food blogs a few days ago, I came across a fabulous recipe that I couldn’t wait to try. The pictures delighted me and reminded me of the fresh entrees I would try to whip up in London.

So, with a grateful nod to the talented fellow blogger Lauren at All Things Simple, I attempted her Morel and Spring Pea Pasta a few nights ago- marching to the market on foot (one must be europa in all endeavors) for the ingredients with a very hungry boyfriend in tow.

Alas, our stomachs growled and my patience waned as I discovered that not only were the only morels available dried, but they were $8 for a few and much-too-much for my proletariat pocketbook to handle. Similarly, the “spring peas” were sad and dismal looking- a far cry from those I saw at the farmers market.

Disappointed and settling for brown mushrooms and frozen (gasp!) peas, we hoofed it back to my apt to see what we could make.

le appetizer

In order to appease our growling appetites, I set out some winey goat cheese and classic Carr’s crackers. Fortified enough now to cook, I attempted Lauren’s beautiful recipe…

In the mix (my version of Lauren B.’s recipe):

brown rice pasta (lower in gluten and generally healthier)

1 diced shallot

~1/4 c. vegetable stock

~1/3 c. cream

~2 tbls. extra virgin olive oil drizzled into pan

~1 c. sliced brown button mushrooms

~2 c. peas

salt and peppah to taste

Sautee the shallot in some evoo until soft, toss in the sliced mushrooms and allow to cook a bit. Add in the vegetable stock until it has reduced a bit, then add in the cream, stirring, also allowing to reduce and thicken, salt and pepper to taste then the (microwaved) peas. Toss with hot pasta and set aside for a bit in the warm pan to allow to thicken up. Stir and serve.

Voila, yummy pasta!


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