DIY: shi-shi cheese plate

20 Jul

perfect simplicity

Ever since boyfriend and my lovely dinner and outdoor movie in Pasadena, I have been perhaps unhealthily obsessed with the cheese plate.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I have ALWAYS been obsessed with a good cheese plate and a glass of wine, but perhaps I have never gone so far as to construct my own with the sole purpose of having it as my main dinner entree.

However, after my transcendent experience at a/k/a American Bistro, I decided that I must do this more often.

When eaten slowly and consumed with thought and marked consciousness, there is nothing more fulfilling and filling (I kid you not), then a well designed cheese plate.

Admittedly, my DIY version did not have all the same elements to tantalize the taste buds as at a/k/a, but it was quite delicious if I do say so myself…

A mixture of salty, sweet and peppery crackers with honey, tapenade and a creamy (St. Marcellin) and a harder cheese (whiney goat), I was able to construct a variety of flavor and texture combinations that kept me busy for at least 45 minutes, much to boyfriends surprise.

a balanced meal? sure.

Just do as the French and take time to savor– I promise it won’t disappoint.


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