simply homemade: goat cheese and leek scramble

23 Jul


After a fun night celebrating a friends birthday in Hollywood, my growling stomach woke me up this morning with a vengeance.

Knowing that I currently have almost nothing in my fridge, I decided to improvise and make breakfast out of what I do have, instead of running to the cafe and spending even more money unnecessarily.

Thus, the goat cheese and leek scramble was born.

In the mix:

1 leek, trimmed, halved and sliced thinly

1 egg, 1 egg white scrambled


whiney goat cheese (a harder goat cheese)

salt and peppah

Sautee the sliced leeks in olive oil until fragrant and soft. Grind some fresh pepper and a bit of salt onto the egg mixture and pour evenly on top of the leeks. Let cook through, but leave a bit ‘runnier’ (this makes the scramble softer and better to go with the goat cheese). Serve on to a plate and grate a bit of the goat cheese on top, just dusting the eggs.




This dish was so yum (and healthy). Until about a month ago, I had never consciously had a leek. Now they’re my favorite purchase at the farmers market and a great addition to almost any dish- their subtly sweet onion flavor compliments practically anything.

bon appetite


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