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these words: refresh

31 Aug

“Just because today is a terrible day doesn’t mean tomorrow won’t be the best day of your life. You just have to get there…”

~From a good friend

Well ladies and gentlemen, today is now the tomorrow of yesterday and I’m prepared to hit the refresh button. Let’s see what joy we can squeeze out of it, yes?


one of those days

30 Aug

“In vino veritas.”
Historia Naturalis


There were ‘those days’ abroad when I just needed a glass of wine…even at 11am. Unfortunately I don’t have a bottle available at work, but I can’t wait to relive some europa when I get home tonight…

hollywood: pink’s hotdogs

27 Aug


When it is sweltering hot in LA and there’s a pool calling your name, what do you do? Stand in line for 20 minutes with the roomie in 90 degree heat at Pink’s of course!

WHY you ask?? Because located on La Brea and Melrose, Pink’s is a Los Angeles institution. That’s why.

With a laundry list of options, toppings and sides to choose from, you can kind of understand the line stretched around the block. Celebrity clientele and renown dog-dome have made this place famous, while the inexpensive price point and enjoyable staff keep people coming back.

Although it is cash only which can be annoying, my veggie-dog with grilled onions made me a fan and I know this will be one of the first stops when a friend comes to visit. In order to understand a place, you have to eat like the people anyway, right?


great expectations: musical weekend

26 Aug

1. Katsuya for a friend’s 24th birthday party: I can’t wait to get my little hands on a baked crab roll….

2. Committed at Universal CityWalk: my fabulous roomie runs in the a capella scene, so Saturday night will be happy hour and a fabulous outdoor show at CityWalk

3. MTV Video Music Awards: ’nuff said

morning musings: deals

25 Aug

When I have some down time at my desk  mornings are spent combing through all of the daily deals that came into my inbox. It’s kind of like extreme couponing…but better because you don’t end up with 50,000 rolls of toilet paper in a special shed you had to build for said toilet paper.

It is rare that I make a purchase (that one’s for you, dad), but when I do, it is always for something that I wanted but just couldn’t afford at full price.

My favorite so far has been my One-Month Unlimited Bar Method deal from Daily Candy Deals. Not only was it half price, but it has essentially paid for itself as a booty and confidence booster combo.

Two deals I’m eyeing now that I’m not sure I can pass up…

1. Repetto ballet flats from Ideeli: If you recall, they were featured on the French Vogue 10 Wardrobe Essentials last week….Click this link to access

2. LA Epicurean Festival: Unfortunately, I’ll be on my way to the VMA’s (!!!) while this is going on at the Sofitel Hotel, but for all you foodies out there- make sure to get your tickets to this fest now, Bloomspot is offering them at a fantastic discount!

Now you know- next time you need a haircut, massage, facial, dog training  or new, hot flats, daily deals are the way to go.

west hollywood: swingers diner

24 Aug

ice cold float

My newest “Where should we go to brunch/lunch/dinner?” obsession is Swingers Diner located at the corner of Laurel & Beverly in West Hollywood.

With an expansive menu featuring a bevy of vegetarian and vegan options nestled among the requisite burgers and fries staples, Swingers is open 24 hrs and has their own free parking lot. (I repeat–FREE parking)

The menu is shamefully affordable for WeHo and I simply adore the vegan chilli cheese fries….

So, live a little Americana in your vie europa and pay Swingers a visit next time you’re looking for some good ol’ USA classics.


vegan BLT

these words: elegance

23 Aug

“Elegance is not the prerogative of those who have just escaped from adolescence, but of those who have already taken possession of their future.”

~ Coco Chanel

broke is the new black

22 Aug

I love how everyone is jumping on this trend.

Broke sure IS the new black- especially when you’re a young post-grad in Hollywood (even the LA Times thinks so…). Let’s all embrace our current ‘situation’ and get on with our fabulously broke selves.

LA vie europa is about saving money and enjoying life more after all, isn’t it?

west hollywood/sunset plaza: rosa mexicano

22 Aug


Oh what a lovely weekend it was. Filled with Sunset Blvd. guac and poolside drinks, I was more than able to soak up all that sunny LA had to offer.

One stop along the way was Rosa Mexicano‘s new West Hollywood outpost along Sunset Plaza. We were seated on the sunny patio and entertained by Miguel, our fabulous guac chef who even let me get into the mix a bit (*cut the halved avocado five slices each way and scoop out with a spatula for the perfect quac ready cubes…)

Served with a side of fresh corn tortillas and their famous Frozen Pomegranate Margarita, Rosa Mexicano really did start us off on a truly perfect Saturday afternoon.


a sprinkles covered secret…

18 Aug

To some of you this may be old news, but almost daily Sprinkles Cupcakes tweets a secret code or riddle that gets the user a free cupcake.

I’m serious.

No strings attached.

As an assistant on a meager salary who happens to adore cupcakes, this is fantastic news and a great opportunity for a sweet pick me up mid afternoon.

It may not be ideal for my waistline, but hey- waist not, want not, right?…