10 wardrobe essentials according to French Vogue

17 Aug

girl knows how to rock the whole look (in navy...)

Recently I have been feeling like my daily wardrobe needs a bit of an uplift (read- expansion…) but after reading about these 10 essentials in French Vogue, I think I have more than enough in my current closet to do an update on my own.

So, in the spirit of saving a few bucks, go shopping in your own closet and see what treasures you have waiting for you already!

1. White shirt: I may need to iron mine, but I’ve got quite a few already.

2. The trench: I have one but it could use some tailoring. The Burberry classic trench is my goal, but I may have to wait to raise a few pay levels to get that beauty in my clutches…

3. Ballet Flats: I have 2 pairs of black ones that I adore. One pair are so treasured, I have had them resoled several times over the years in order to keep them wearable! It’s a great trick with more expensive shoes, that way you don’t need to keep buying a new after a season or two- getting them shined and resoled is MUCH more economical.

4. Jeans: I tend to hate myself in jeans, but in moi opinion, a slim, dark, ankle length pair is always a good staple to have around!

5. Cashmere sweater: There is nothing better than a cozy sweater. Shoot for a v-neck too- more versatile…

6. The LBD: With two in my arsenal, I’m more than set in this department.

7. The black pump: I have a round toe pair that I love but are more than uncomfortable. Would LOVE a platform set…

8. Black Blazer: Have a fantastic one from Banana Republic  that I love. Although I wouldn’t mind a McQueen…

9. Le tank top: meh. not really for me, but I like the one they have. Nice and basic.

10. Tuxedo pants: Again, meh, I don’t really enjoy myself in “tuxedo pants”, it’s more a Kate Moss/French Vogue thing, but I could see rockin’ a pair at some point.

So with these classic options, go back to your closet and do a dig, see what you’ve got and update with what you don’t (if you can afford it–remember not everything needs to be pricey!). If you stick with some combination of these items, you’ll never have an outfit crisis again.


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