morning musings: deals

25 Aug

When I have some down time at my desk  mornings are spent combing through all of the daily deals that came into my inbox. It’s kind of like extreme couponing…but better because you don’t end up with 50,000 rolls of toilet paper in a special shed you had to build for said toilet paper.

It is rare that I make a purchase (that one’s for you, dad), but when I do, it is always for something that I wanted but just couldn’t afford at full price.

My favorite so far has been my One-Month Unlimited Bar Method deal from Daily Candy Deals. Not only was it half price, but it has essentially paid for itself as a booty and confidence booster combo.

Two deals I’m eyeing now that I’m not sure I can pass up…

1. Repetto ballet flats from Ideeli: If you recall, they were featured on the French Vogue 10 Wardrobe Essentials last week….Click this link to access

2. LA Epicurean Festival: Unfortunately, I’ll be on my way to the VMA’s (!!!) while this is going on at the Sofitel Hotel, but for all you foodies out there- make sure to get your tickets to this fest now, Bloomspot is offering them at a fantastic discount!

Now you know- next time you need a haircut, massage, facial, dog training  or new, hot flats, daily deals are the way to go.


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