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great expectations: europa weekend

30 Sep

With no big plans this weekend besides a lovely dinner date, I am able to fully resign myself to seeking europa. I suggest you do the same…

the to-do list (deliciously laid back)

1) Take in another Moksha yoga class at the new studio in my ‘hood as I’m now officially addicted.

2) Walk to Bricks and Scones for a solo cup of something yummy and a relaxing read in one of their comfy chairs. Perhaps I’ll treat myself to a scone if I’m feeling particularly europa…

3) Use my Living Social coupon for Whole Foods and go completely soynuts (ha. ha.)  I could use some goji berry infused something in my life and that’s the perfect place to find it.

How will you europa this weekend?


these words: kindness

29 Sep

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”


The work week is rough for everyone.

So even if you want to pummel the jerk who chews loudly three cubicles down, or paces when he takes every call, let’s bump up the kindness today and give everyone a chance…

Send a sweet card for no reason, give someone a compliment– small kindness today people. Let’s test it out.

great expectations: cravings

28 Sep

So, yesterday something came over me. Something strong, sweet and unlike anything I had in my direct vicinity.

I wanted my grandmothers famous strawberry cake and I wanted it NOW.

With my mother as my greatest resource and only an email away, I pleaded and begged that she help me out of my vast and sudden misery and bake this cake for me.

Luckily and shockingly, she obliged.

We stirred, mashed and combined until, voila! an hour later this pink beauty appeared on the cooling rack.

Joy of joys descended upon us as we slathered it in strawberry glaze and savored the fruits of our labor.

Here’s the funny thing about cravings- they come on fast and then when ‘it’ (whatever it may be) finally sits in front of you, you’re full at 5 bites.

Ahhh the beauty of leftovers…

you want some?

morning musings: the l.a. woman

27 Sep

A recent cover of Los Angeles Magazine featured Maria Shriver as “The L.A. Woman.”

They describe the L.A. woman as Strong, Smart, Iconic and Surprising- all things which I recognize in Maria and aspire to be myself.

Becoming this woman is not an instantaneous thing- as Maria once said herself, “You can have it all, just not all at once.”

This cover has caused me to think about who the modern woman is in general. If we’re thinking from a europa perspective here, what would The London Woman look like? Or perhaps, The Berlin Woman?

Do they all hold the same qualities and aspire to the same standards? I think not…

What do you think about this? Who do you view the LA woman as?

*Fill in other rhetorical question here*

healthifying my life

26 Sep

WHEW! It has been a whirlwind this past week- thus my lack of posts. But despite my exciting, yet busy, schedule I have been making a concerted effort to eat and be healthier in general.

Since I’ve been attempting to ride the healthy train these past few weeks, I stopped at my local Trader Joe’s for some yummy inspiration and came out with quite a few items to healthify my life.

The raw agave, walnuts and ground flaxseed have been added to my instant oatmeal making for a delicious and nutritious (haha.)  spin on my usually boring oats.

The kale is steamed, the brown rice is heated (thankgodinheaven for TJ’s frozen brown rice), the baked savory tofu is cubed and the edemame is spooned all into a little Gladeware of goodness.

I made my very own dressing from tahini, olive oil, pepper and a biiiit of rice milk. Shake it all up and you have a ridic good, fast and easy lunch on your hands.

Pair with a 6am hot yoga class three days a week and your mom will think you changed your name to Moon Flower and only wear Birkenstocks and stopped shaving your legs and may or may not have a boyfriend from a commune named Running Wolf…

That’s not such a bad thing though, it is?


Moon Flower

these words: attitude

21 Sep

“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.”

– Winston Churchill

Couldn’t be more true. I’ll cheers to that!

the best things: reliving childhood

20 Sep

This past weekend marked a major landmark in my life- I was able to see THE LION KING on the big screen once again.

Tearful, joyous and in awe, my mom and I sat at Hollywood Boulevard’s El Capitan theater side by side just as we sat 17  years ago in a similar theater in San Francisco.

Popcorn in a plastic themed tub was shared, and songs were boisterously sung at the tops of our lungs. Perhaps the only difference is that I’m not quite as scared of Scar and I wasn’t in some sort of booster seat/floral print Laura Ashley legging get-up upon arrival….although I did consider both.

In short, The Lion King 3D is beautiful and magical for no other reason than us 22-ish year olds get to relive a defining moment in our lives—-The moment we realized “Oh, I just can’t wait to be kiiing!”

these words: worth

19 Sep

“It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy that makes happiness.”

– Charles Sprugeon

Celebrate your small pleasures this week

Happy Monday everyone.

wild thang

16 Sep

…this song never ceases to put me in a good mood, despite the fact that I don’t know anyone who actually works “9 to 5” anymore, Tone.

Here’s to the weekend! Make it a good one wild thangs!

these words: take care

15 Sep

“Treat your body like a temple, not a woodshed….If you take good care of it, your body can take you wherever you want to go, with the power and the strength and energy and vitality you will need to get there.”

~ Jim Rohn

A good friend of mine has recently been trying a raw/vegan diet to “clean up” a bit, and I can’t help but admire her tenacity and dedication to protecting and enhancing her life through this (often intense) lifestyle. A raw way of eating requires a lot of work, but she has somehow made it happen gracefully and with joy.

As someone who thrives on cheese, bread etc. our macrobiotic /vegan dinner last night at Real Food Daily inspired me to clean house a bit myself… Now I don’t think I’m going to be able to jump mung-bean first into the raw or even vegan lifestyle, but I will begin to make more of an effort to pay attention to what I put in my mouth and how it will affect my “temple”.

 (Curious?? For a recent LA Times article on macrobiotic dining click here)