semi homemade: whole wheat gnocchi with chevre-spinach tomato sauce

1 Sep


A quick trip to TJ’s yielded a great haul- whole wheat gnocchi, TJ’s tomato sauce, Silver Goat herbed chevre (goat cheese) plus a few other yummies.

Bolstered by a glass of Layer Cake red awaiting my arrival in the kitchen, I whipped up a delish dish with some of my finds.

Adding 3 cups of spinach to the mix boosted the nutritional value as well as lowered my carb count…I was able to stretch this into 3 meals and needless to say, I am quite pleased with myself thank ya very much.



In the mix:

1 package whole wheat gnocchi

1 jar TJ’s classic pasta sauce

~1/4 large roll of Silver Goat herb chevre

3 cups spinach

salt for water

Boil 1 gallon of salted water for the  gnocchi. While boiling water, begin to simmer the sauce adding chunks of the goat cheese, stirring until it becomes a part of the sauce. Add in the spinach allowing it to cook down. Once water is boiling, add in gnocchi and boil for about 2 minutes until the gnocchi float to the top. Drain and add to the sauce. Garnish with a bit of goat cheese and savor!

BAM- comfort food at its best. I’m already looking forward to the leftovers for lunch…


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