small pleasures: fancy coffee beverage

7 Sep

$3 of pure goodness

Everyone knows that much social swagga that comes with holding a fancy (read: over-priced) cup of coffee.

Be it Starbucks, Coffee Bean or your local cafe, there is just that special boost that one gets from feeling just a bit better than the homemade/plastic coffee thermos toters.

Bolstered by a 6:30am Bar Method class, I arrived at work 30 mins ahead of schedule and simply refused to waste the beautiful 80 degree sunshine in Beverly Hills sitting at my beige desk. So instead of cooping up inside too early, I ventured over to our own little pretentious cafe across the street, Teuscher.

One fat-free chai and cute red cup holder later, I basked in the glow of the morning sunshine and vowed to make it a good day.

What small rituals do you treat yourself to?


2 Responses to “small pleasures: fancy coffee beverage”

  1. Lisa September 7, 2011 at 6:47 pm #

    Soooo important to savor the good things in life! Walked my 5 year old to school this a.m. and stopped at Andy’s Market for double, non- fat latte – ready for a great day!

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