great expectations: cravings

28 Sep

So, yesterday something came over me. Something strong, sweet and unlike anything I had in my direct vicinity.

I wanted my grandmothers famous strawberry cake and I wanted it NOW.

With my mother as my greatest resource and only an email away, I pleaded and begged that she help me out of my vast and sudden misery and bake this cake for me.

Luckily and shockingly, she obliged.

We stirred, mashed and combined until, voila! an hour later this pink beauty appeared on the cooling rack.

Joy of joys descended upon us as we slathered it in strawberry glaze and savored the fruits of our labor.

Here’s the funny thing about cravings- they come on fast and then when ‘it’ (whatever it may be) finally sits in front of you, you’re full at 5 bites.

Ahhh the beauty of leftovers…

you want some?


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