diy: weekend popcorn!

17 Oct

ohh what a lovely, relaxing weekend!

Although I am still a bit sick, I did get an opportunity to do some great popcorn tasting and making this weekend! The inspiration came from BLT Steak at Sunset Plaza. After refilling our little bowl three or four times, the ridiculously cute bartender Andrew shared the secret of the delicious bar popcorn with me and now I will share with you….


In the mix:

1.5 tbls Johnny’s seasoning salt (they used Cajun seasoning but we didn’t have…)

1 tbls cayenne pepper

2 tbls melted butter

1/2 popcorn kernels

2ish tbls oil (olive oil works well too!)

In a large saucepan or special popcorn pan/thingy (like I have-see above…) pour in oil and add popcorn, turn on to med/high heat and shickty-shake (or turn handle) until all kernels are popped. THIS HAPPENS QUICKLY, so be careful not to burn it. Remove from heat immediately. Pour half into a large bowl and top with half of the melted butter and seasoning mixture. Mix until popcorn is coated. Pour the rest into the bowl and repeat. Serve and enjoy with a good movie!

(….may I suggest The First Wives Club?)


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