feelin’ good: part 1

12 Dec

As a mostly-vegetarian and lover of exploring vegan, this weekend I grabbed a buddy and hit up some of the great healthy eating options LA has to offer.

Below are some of my fave healthy options around- more to come, of course…

M Cafe

Addicted isn’t even the right word to describe how much I love their Dilled Tofu Wrap with the spicy peanut kale side. Pure heaven. They also have  $5 vegan breakfast burrito if you get there before 11am. Total steal. Although the juices are outrageously priced, the tasty macrobiotic cuisine is worth the extra bucks here and there.

Cafe Gratitude

This is definitely one of my favorites when going “mega-healthy.” It is delicious and comforting and the atmosphere is so serene that you can’t HELP but be thankful. My most favorite is the I Am Whole macrobiotic bowl- just a few bites make you feel like a new human from the inside out. Delicious and different. With a few Gratitude’s all over Cali, you too can get your grateful on.

Sun Power Natural Cafe

Ah, so many Cafe’s so little time. Another vegan, organic/raw option with some delicious offerings. I prefer Sun Power’s BLT to Cafe Gratitude’s though- it is a bit heartier and their wheat bun is to die for.


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