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diy: this is so much fun

7 Dec

I’d add a little spice to the cheese. maybe some diced pimento or chili flakes…yummm


diy: weekend popcorn!

17 Oct

ohh what a lovely, relaxing weekend!

Although I am still a bit sick, I did get an opportunity to do some great popcorn tasting and making this weekend! The inspiration came from BLT Steak at Sunset Plaza. After refilling our little bowl three or four times, the ridiculously cute bartender Andrew shared the secret of the delicious bar popcorn with me and now I will share with you….


In the mix:

1.5 tbls Johnny’s seasoning salt (they used Cajun seasoning but we didn’t have…)

1 tbls cayenne pepper

2 tbls melted butter

1/2 popcorn kernels

2ish tbls oil (olive oil works well too!)

In a large saucepan or special popcorn pan/thingy (like I have-see above…) pour in oil and add popcorn, turn on to med/high heat and shickty-shake (or turn handle) until all kernels are popped. THIS HAPPENS QUICKLY, so be careful not to burn it. Remove from heat immediately. Pour half into a large bowl and top with half of the melted butter and seasoning mixture. Mix until popcorn is coated. Pour the rest into the bowl and repeat. Serve and enjoy with a good movie!

(….may I suggest The First Wives Club?)

diy: french girls sure don’t get fat

8 Aug


A few weeks ago while surfing Amazon for new books to add to my Kindle, I stumbled across French Women Don’t Get Fat by Mireille Guiliano and was instantly enticed.

Always a sucker for the tricks of the trade, I instantly purchased it and began reading.

Instead of feeling ridiculous, I was immensely calmed by this book. With no quick fixes or annoying fads, Mireille extols the powers of walking daily (instead of killing yourself at the gym), being conscious of what (and how much) you eat, as well enjoying ever morsel you put into your mouth. I simply couldn’t agree more.

One French tip she did highlight was a daily plain, all natural yogurt or two (homemade if you can do it!).  Since I have neither the time nor patience right now to figure out how to make yogurt, you can imagine my delight when I found FRESH French yogurt thanks to Saint Benoit, at the Hollywood farmers market yesterday.

Drizzled with a teeeeny bit of honey and savored as all good food deserves to be, I thoroughly enjoyed my bowl of yummy creamy yogurt and can’t wait to get more next week.

So long Yoplait, hello French yogurt lifestyle and skinny jeans!

DIY: shi-shi cheese plate

20 Jul

perfect simplicity

Ever since boyfriend and my lovely dinner and outdoor movie in Pasadena, I have been perhaps unhealthily obsessed with the cheese plate.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I have ALWAYS been obsessed with a good cheese plate and a glass of wine, but perhaps I have never gone so far as to construct my own with the sole purpose of having it as my main dinner entree.

However, after my transcendent experience at a/k/a American Bistro, I decided that I must do this more often.

When eaten slowly and consumed with thought and marked consciousness, there is nothing more fulfilling and filling (I kid you not), then a well designed cheese plate.

Admittedly, my DIY version did not have all the same elements to tantalize the taste buds as at a/k/a, but it was quite delicious if I do say so myself…

A mixture of salty, sweet and peppery crackers with honey, tapenade and a creamy (St. Marcellin) and a harder cheese (whiney goat), I was able to construct a variety of flavor and texture combinations that kept me busy for at least 45 minutes, much to boyfriends surprise.

a balanced meal? sure.

Just do as the French and take time to savor– I promise it won’t disappoint.