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morning musings: couture

24 Jan

For once in my life (truly!) I have fallen in love with a designer’s Spring collection.

Bill Gaytten for Christian Dior went back to the basics of what fashion is to me. Lovely, ladylike, wearable yet fabulous pieces that delight. The entire Spring 2012 collection did that.

The material! The Hair! The cinched waists!

Everything seemed perfectly fitted for a 1960’s Barbie doll or a jaunt around the streets of Paris.

Now all I need is bike basket and a baguette. Oh and a million dollars.

A girl can dream….


morning musings: work it out

18 Jan

Sheesh is this true or what?? Sometimes I think we just forget how simple a bit of exercise is and how far it can take us.

As I dragged my sore and tired booty out of bed at 5:30am this morning, I had to focus on that fact that the next hour of hot yoga was just ONE of the 24 hours that I am given each day.

I try to remind myself that each hour is precious, why would I not take just one for myself…


I just came across this awesome video on my favorite site The Hairpin.

Watch, learn and enjoy!

morning musings: sleep

5 Jan

I slept for 10 hours last night. 10 hours.

Following an episode of The Bachelor and a good read in my new book Parisian Chic (courtesy of my lovely roomie who knows me oh-so-well), I was able to drift off into blissful sleep at 9:45pm (!!!)- a time that for most is reserved for a second glass of wine or another rerun of The Office on TBS.

Sure, I could have stayed up for another hour dinking around on Facebook or something, but I am so glad I didn’t. As we enter into this new year, I think it is importate to rest and restore, so that we can greet each new day with full energy and rested eyes.

Challenge yourself this week to go to bed just a bit earlier- your body, mind and coworkers will thank you for it.

morning musings: letting go and holding on

30 Nov

“All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on.”

~Havelock Ellis

I’ve been in kind of a constant state of in-between lately. Living life to the fullest can be difficult, especially when it hawks some unexpected things at you. I know I need to work on creating a balance and learning the art of both letting go and holding on- but that’s easier said than done, isn’t it?

With the Holiday season fast approaching, I hope to re-center and recalibrate– focusing on finding the moments of europa, pleasure and simplicity in my day to day life. Truly getting back to the basics (while on a budget of course)… I think that is where the fun will come in, where I’ll be able to truly celebrate the craziness and beauty in the day to day of a sometimes grey city.

What do you say, join me?

morning musings: the leaves, they are a-changin’

22 Nov

(yup. I went there.)

Driving down the tree-lined streets this morning brought me rocketing back to London. What a beautiful sight! I really felt that I appreciated nature and the beauty it has to offer more deeply when I was abroad.

LA can kind of suck that whole ‘natural beauty’ thing out of a person.

Surprisingly, the streets of Beverly Hills reminded me again today…

morning musings: warm bed

11 Oct

This morning I woke up not feeling too well and in need of some extra shut-eye and a day on the couch with The Food Network.

Alas- that was not a possibility, but curling up in my warm covers for a few more minutes of precious sleep was. There is something about those last few moments of sleep before full waking that are truly beautiful and precious. I’ll take as much as I can get.

morning musings: umbrella

5 Oct

It is days like these that make me miss London something awful.

Snuggled up on our weird/lumpy red couch and watching hours of BBC with a cup of tea was almost nothing compared to tromping around the streets of Bloomsbury in my rainboots with my colorful umbrella, exploring the small, steamy cafes and book stores.

There was something about the grey rainy days in London that brought about such mystery and romance, that I am physically homesick for them when the rain comes sweeping through Los Angeles.

Oh, europa, how I miss thee.




Oh and just for fun…..

morning musings: the l.a. woman

27 Sep

A recent cover of Los Angeles Magazine featured Maria Shriver as “The L.A. Woman.”

They describe the L.A. woman as Strong, Smart, Iconic and Surprising- all things which I recognize in Maria and aspire to be myself.

Becoming this woman is not an instantaneous thing- as Maria once said herself, “You can have it all, just not all at once.”

This cover has caused me to think about who the modern woman is in general. If we’re thinking from a europa perspective here, what would The London Woman look like? Or perhaps, The Berlin Woman?

Do they all hold the same qualities and aspire to the same standards? I think not…

What do you think about this? Who do you view the LA woman as?

*Fill in other rhetorical question here*

morning musings: superbass

13 Sep

Sometimes there are just those songs that make you roll up the windows, turn up the volume and sing at the top of your lungs even though you parked at your destination 18 seconds into it.

This is that song for me right now.

Not very europa, but we’ll go with it this morning because everyone likes a good jam on a Tuesday…right?

morning musings: deals

25 Aug

When I have some down time at my desk  mornings are spent combing through all of the daily deals that came into my inbox. It’s kind of like extreme couponing…but better because you don’t end up with 50,000 rolls of toilet paper in a special shed you had to build for said toilet paper.

It is rare that I make a purchase (that one’s for you, dad), but when I do, it is always for something that I wanted but just couldn’t afford at full price.

My favorite so far has been my One-Month Unlimited Bar Method deal from Daily Candy Deals. Not only was it half price, but it has essentially paid for itself as a booty and confidence booster combo.

Two deals I’m eyeing now that I’m not sure I can pass up…

1. Repetto ballet flats from Ideeli: If you recall, they were featured on the French Vogue 10 Wardrobe Essentials last week….Click this link to access

2. LA Epicurean Festival: Unfortunately, I’ll be on my way to the VMA’s (!!!) while this is going on at the Sofitel Hotel, but for all you foodies out there- make sure to get your tickets to this fest now, Bloomspot is offering them at a fantastic discount!

Now you know- next time you need a haircut, massage, facial, dog training  or new, hot flats, daily deals are the way to go.