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everybody’s gonna love today

17 Feb

blasted this as I was driving in to work today. it put me in the best mood ever!

happy friday er’body

10 Jan

“The supreme accomplishment is to blur the line between work and play.”

Arnold Toynbee

I think a nicely blurred line between work and play is what we all, or at least many of us,  strive for. I also happen to see it as vitally important to our sense of well being, quality of life and faith of self.

I have recently been doing some career focused soul searching and have found that a job that I love or have fun doing is vitally important to me. Yes, a “fun job” is often hard to find- but I think if you works towards creating fun and play in your work life, or seek fun and entertainment in what you do, then you will be much better off than those who dwell in the drudgery of thier work or take it too seriously.

Happy Tuesday to that.

xo, cheese

19 Dec

Tuesday Ten: The Best Medicine

let’s go somewhere: Paris

21 Nov

It’s Monday, some people already need an escape.

Oh, hey, wassup, Paris?


13 Oct

I have been thinking a lot about style lately. What is mine currently? What do I want it to develop into? Are the 5 inch heels too much for daily wear? (no.)

I love this video and the interpretation of style over the years. Plus, who doesn’t like to boogie down.


these words:

10 Oct

“Today is a most unusual day, because we have never lived it before; we will never live it again; it is the only day we have.”

– W.A. Ward

Sometimes it is good to keep things in perspective. Let’s make today the best we can because after all, it is completely and utterly unique within all of its imperfections.

hollywood: katsuya

6 Oct


There are some places in LA that are just, so…LA.

Katsuya is one of them. Dripping with tourists and a few industry people or music moguls, you definitely get a slice of LA life and culture when visiting the Hollywood Blvd haunt. The sake and sushi are delicious and feature such Katsuya favorites as the famed Baked Crab Roll and Crispy Rice with Spicy Tuna as well as a few other semi-inventive dishes.





The sbe group is known for the beautiful and luxe interiors of their restaurants and hotels and Katsuya is no exception. Although it can get pricey, in general, it’s a good place to start off a late evening out in Hollywood. Domo arigato.


wild thang

16 Sep

…this song never ceases to put me in a good mood, despite the fact that I don’t know anyone who actually works “9 to 5” anymore, Tone.

Here’s to the weekend! Make it a good one wild thangs!

small pleasures: surprise postcards

4 Aug

There are something things that just never lose their charm despite all of the oft-gross, new-fangled options swirling around them.

The Postcard is one of them.

Currently existing in a world of emails, tweets, ping backs, hash tags (need I go on)…. The Postcard is a small, endearing reminder of simpler times when people hand wrote words to those they cared for.

So you can imagine my shock and utter delight when I actually opened my mailbox and found something other than a Valpack mailing waiting for me.

This pale purple card from one of my loveliest friends now lives on my desk- a daily reminder that not only is today my lucky day- but that someone out there loves me enough to write it down in pen.

So, it is with renewed vigor that I vow to send more cards to those I love. After all, it is oh so much better than a text, isn’t it?

small pleasures: london mornings

15 Jul

There is nothing more pleasurable than reading a true, real book. One with pages, and smells, and wrinkles and history.

…but when the heft of an authentic book breaks your back in an already overstuffed (and not in a MK Olsen kind of way…) bag, there’s always the trusty kindle to get you through the rough times. Paired with a cup of organic green tea, nothing is more soothing on a cloudy Friday morning, and nothing reminds me more of morning-time in my London flat.

Maybe it’s the message, not the medium, that really matters anyway, right?