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great expectations

28 Oct

This is a BIG weekend for me. My most favorite of the whole year in fact. It has been Birthday Week ALL week, and now, today, marks the beginning of Birthday Weekend.

Filled with pumpkin patches, decorating, witch hats, candy and spooky champagne beverages, I’ve got it jammed packed with Birthday and Halloween festivities.


To help make your weekend just a bit more festivus, try this fantastic champagne cocktail:

Vampire Kiss 


Pomegranate Juice

Bloody rim (corn syrup and red food coloring)

Mix light corn syrup and red food coloring with a tooth pick until it is completely deep red. Pour into a shallow dish. Dip the rim of the glass in lightly. Let it drip down the sides. If you prefer, drizzle with a spoon on the inside of the glass to avoid a sticky outer rim. Pour a bit of pomegranate juice into the bottom of the glass. Top with chilled champagne.

Serve and enjoy!

for more fun...try a Pina Goulada



great expectations: brunchity brunch

7 Oct

This weekend I’ll be brunching it up like the true brunch-professional I am. Where will you brunch?


The Portofino Hotel & Yacht Club

currently thinking Traditional Benedict with spinach instead of ham…


Larchmont Bungalow

although they are known for their Red and Blue Velvet Pancakes, I LOVE the homemade granola with yogurt and berries after a morning of yoga…

great expectations: europa weekend

30 Sep

With no big plans this weekend besides a lovely dinner date, I am able to fully resign myself to seeking europa. I suggest you do the same…

the to-do list (deliciously laid back)

1) Take in another Moksha yoga class at the new studio in my ‘hood as I’m now officially addicted.

2) Walk to Bricks and Scones for a solo cup of something yummy and a relaxing read in one of their comfy chairs. Perhaps I’ll treat myself to a scone if I’m feeling particularly europa…

3) Use my Living Social coupon for Whole Foods and go completely soynuts (ha. ha.)  I could use some goji berry infused something in my life and that’s the perfect place to find it.

How will you europa this weekend?

great expectations: cravings

28 Sep

So, yesterday something came over me. Something strong, sweet and unlike anything I had in my direct vicinity.

I wanted my grandmothers famous strawberry cake and I wanted it NOW.

With my mother as my greatest resource and only an email away, I pleaded and begged that she help me out of my vast and sudden misery and bake this cake for me.

Luckily and shockingly, she obliged.

We stirred, mashed and combined until, voila! an hour later this pink beauty appeared on the cooling rack.

Joy of joys descended upon us as we slathered it in strawberry glaze and savored the fruits of our labor.

Here’s the funny thing about cravings- they come on fast and then when ‘it’ (whatever it may be) finally sits in front of you, you’re full at 5 bites.

Ahhh the beauty of leftovers…

you want some?

great expectations: working for the weekend…

9 Sep

It is officially our first Friday back from ‘Summer Fridays’ at the office, which means that today will draaaaaggggggg on and on and on and on and on and on and on and (you get it it…)

Luckily, I have a few things to look forward to that will  put a little europa in my life.

1. Free meal: For graduation a family friend gifted me a fabulous, catered, 5 course dinner for 4. Tonight I am looking forward to redeeming it and cracking open a bottle of crisp pinot grigio with my roomie and some new friends.

2. Cultured Saturday: Lunch and a pedicure with a girlfriend, followed by an evening play is bound to relax and rejuvenate me.

3. Lazy Sunday: Bottomless mimosa brunch at Eva Restaurant with one of my most fabulous friends (a GREAT deal from Bloomspot!). What more can a girl ask for?

Europa is all around you, you just have to seek it out afterall…

great expectations: musical weekend

26 Aug

1. Katsuya for a friend’s 24th birthday party: I can’t wait to get my little hands on a baked crab roll….

2. Committed at Universal CityWalk: my fabulous roomie runs in the a capella scene, so Saturday night will be happy hour and a fabulous outdoor show at CityWalk

3. MTV Video Music Awards: ’nuff said

great expectations: bouchon bakery

16 Aug

bouchon bakery beverly hills!

Although I have yet to dine at Bouchon Bistro, I am anxiously awaiting tomorrow’s opening of Bouchon Bakery here in Beverly Hills.

Brought to us by the same genius behind such restaurants as The French Laundry and Per Se, the highly anticipated addition to Bouchon will tout such delights as fresh breads, tarts, quiche, viennoiserie and even pet treats (sooo Beverly Hills dahling).

I can’t wait to give it a try, I think a pain au raisin may be calling my name…

great expectations: outdoor fun

29 Jul

With a generous ‘summer Friday’ and the promise of a beautiful So Cal weekend ahead, here are a couple of things I am looking forward to this weekend!

1. Open Market Place LA: featured this week on Daily Candy I can’t wait to explore this Parisian inspired / Hollywood located outdoor market and see what unique treasurers I come across…




2. ISC‘s “The Merry Wives of Windsor” at Griffith Park Zoo: in the spirit of summer fun, mom arranged ‘front row’ tickets for this fabulous show. Even the LA Times is raving. Perhaps I’ll have to work on packing a gourmet picnic; I am oh so ready for the red jug of homemade mojitos part deux!

What adventures are you looking forward to this weekend?

great expectations: 2 things I want to make this weekend

21 Jul

1) white cupcakes with buttercream frosting–any good frosting recipes out there?

White Cupcakes

mine will look like this, right?

2) attempt to recreate my favorite burrata pizza pie from Pitfire– I am in serious need of an excuse to use all that arugula I got at the farmers market (not that it’s really a chore…)

great expectations: 3 things I am looking forward to this weekend

8 Jul

1) Dinner at The Hudson: an inspired new gastropub (what’s more London europa than that?!) with my lovely friend who is visiting from Seattle

+ low key after-partying

2) Old Pasadena Film Festival with boyfriend

  • Appropriately themed dinner reservations tbd…any suggestions?

3) The Happiest Place on Earth

  • Not only am I due for a new pair of ears to add to my collection, but who can resist the caramel corn scent pumped from the trees and the romance of the fireworks to send you off

(I wish I could say this is me)