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semi homemade: valentine cookies

13 Feb

I love Valentine’s Day. I always have.

For me, it has never really been about having a valentine per se (yeah! who needs a prix fixe menu anyway!) , it is more about the making of the tiny cards and notes, glitter, hearts, and cookies that radiate around the day itself. I know tons of people despise Valentine’s Day as some pre-fab holiday created to sell us all crap, but I love it for its silliness.

This year, I am righteously celebrating Galentine’s Day. Cookie baking and card making started it off and tomorrow a girlfriend and I are hitting up Bodgea Wine Bar and The Arclight for some wine and classic cinema-The Philadelphia Story- the ultimate rom com, on the big screen.

After a day of making my apartment smell delicious, I brought these little morsels of joy to work, hoping to spread some love (giving) and cement my status as a nice person (teensy bit selfish).

I think it worked.

Valentine’s Day cookies

~inspired by Cupcakes and Cashmere~

4 rolls sugar cookie dough (for the semi-lazy like moi)

2 boxes (4 cups) powdered sugar

3 tablespoons meringue powder

10 tablespoons warm water

Roll out your dough (I suggest cutting each roll into half then rolling) and cut into your favorite shapes with cookie cutters. Place on ungreased baking sheet and bake for about 8 minutes or until golden brown. Let cool and make icing by combining powdered sugar, meringue powder and water in large bowl. Beat for about 10 minutes or until firm but still liquidy enough to pipe. In separate bowls, add a small drop of food coloring to get pastel colors. Scoop the frosting into separate baggies and clip a small corner off. Pipe a heart outline around the cookie and the “flood” by filling in and spreading around with more icing. Repeat, and continue to decorate until adorable.

Pair with some champagne and EAT with wild abandon!


great expectations: cravings

28 Sep

So, yesterday something came over me. Something strong, sweet and unlike anything I had in my direct vicinity.

I wanted my grandmothers famous strawberry cake and I wanted it NOW.

With my mother as my greatest resource and only an email away, I pleaded and begged that she help me out of my vast and sudden misery and bake this cake for me.

Luckily and shockingly, she obliged.

We stirred, mashed and combined until, voila! an hour later this pink beauty appeared on the cooling rack.

Joy of joys descended upon us as we slathered it in strawberry glaze and savored the fruits of our labor.

Here’s the funny thing about cravings- they come on fast and then when ‘it’ (whatever it may be) finally sits in front of you, you’re full at 5 bites.

Ahhh the beauty of leftovers…

you want some?