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morning musings: work it out

18 Jan

Sheesh is this true or what?? Sometimes I think we just forget how simple a bit of exercise is and how far it can take us.

As I dragged my sore and tired booty out of bed at 5:30am this morning, I had to focus on that fact that the next hour of hot yoga was just ONE of the 24 hours that I am given each day.

I try to remind myself that each hour is precious, why would I not take just one for myself…


I just came across this awesome video on my favorite site The Hairpin.

Watch, learn and enjoy!


simply homemade: pimento cheese

16 Nov

Unapologetic Disclaimer: Although this blog is meant to be dedicated to the pursuit of all things delicate and beautiful and europa, I couldn’t help but digress into the deepest of deep Americana today.

So, I was cruisin’ the ‘net the other day and this little streaming bit of joy jumped into my consciousness. Nestled among the other bits of joy on my favorite site The Hairpin, I discovered Pimento Cheese, a Southern staple that I had yet to ever hear of.

Pimento cheese is neither delicate nor beautiful, but hot damn is it tasty.

Enthralled with the video and entrenched in the history of this odd cheesy spread, my usual cravings got the best of me. After obsessing over it all day, per usual, I rushed to Trader Joe’s after work to pick up all the fixin’s.

In the customary style of my impulse craving grocery shopping excursions, they did not have the central ingredient, PIMENTO, so I settled on buying a jar of pimento stuffed olives and pulling out the insides. Genius, I know. No need for applause.

In the mix:

Extra extra sharp cheddar cheese, grated (NOT pre-grated)

pimento (duh)

1 heaping tablespoon mayonnaise

salt and peppah to taste

crackers and celery

After shredding my extra extra sharp NY cheddar and adding a dollop of mayonnaise (reduced fat…sorry Southerners) to the bowl, I stirred and mashed until the spread was “done” (I have no idea what that really looks like, but I was hungry so I called it good.) Spread on some plain white crackers (they suggested saltines or Ritz, but I panicked in the check out line and grabbed what was next to me) and celery sticks, this Southern treat was the perfect little dinner for one girl and an episode of Pan Am.